Our Mission

Sacred Obligation to Our Clients

We constantly remind ourselves that our sacred obligation to each client and each matter is to achieve the best possible result as expeditiously as possible and at reasonable expense. In today’s global economy, we frequently find that it is in a Client’s best interest to assemble a team of professionals with diverse experience and capabilities. We explore unique solutions to problems and strive to assist our Clients, large and small, in recognizing challenges as opportunities. We do not utilize flashy promotion or catchy slogans in order to maintain and grow our practice. We personally would never form a professional relationship as a result of such things and we do not expect our Clients to do so. The Florida Bar strongly discourages reliance on advertising and promotions in the selection of Legal Counsel. We do not have television ads nor billboards; we do not advertise. We rely upon the recommendations of our past and present Clients. The referral of a friend, family member or business associate is the greatest compliment we can receive.